Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Difference a Hanger Can Make!

Let me start off by saying I am *not* a fan of animal print. I never have been. If you like it, that is totally okay! I am just not wild about it for myself or my household. That being said, I am sure you noticed that the hangers in the photo above are an animal print! Let me explain why! 

I had been wanting to get matching hangers to hang our clothes. I wanted decent ones that didn't slip (doesn't it just drive you crazy when you are looking through your clothes and a shirt slides right off the hanger when you don't want it to?). I also did *not* want to spend a fortune.

 So, I had found gotten an email that tells me deals/sales from around the web. One was for these hangers. For the 60 pc. set, I could get it for $10 off (for a total of only $17.99) and free shipping! I thought that was a great price. Then, I looked at the 120 pc. set and it was not on sale...but was only $27.99 and free shipping! If I would have bought 2 sets of the 60 pc. with the sale price, I would have been paying over $34...When I could get the 120 pc. set that *wasn't* on sale for cheaper! 

Unfortunately, they only had animal print hangers for sale. I decided to get them anyway. These fit the budget and although not my style, they do look so nice when they all match.
 You can find them HERE

We had a mish-mash of hangers before...(which we still have with some of Chris's clothes as I don't have enough of the velvet/non-slip hangers for all our clothes yet) and even though things were hung up just looked messy with some metal hangers, some plastic etc.

It is really amazing the difference hangers can make! 


  1. I am not a fan of animal print, either, but they do look great! I am attempting to organize my bedroom closet today. I love your organizing blog! I am hoping you will do some posts on keeping a child's room organized and kitchen organization.
    Relatives/friends with good intentions give lots of toys for gifts and 'just because', but I find it stressful keeping it all organized on a budget.
    Thanks for all of these great ideas and inspirations!
    Blessings, Jamie

  2. nice and encouraging blog, i found you thrue another blogger..i will certainly follow you
    dough my blog is in dutch ...i can read inglish...blessings

  3. The new matching hangers look great.
    The hangers in our closet also match. However, I go a few steps further by organizing all pants (light to dark), skirts (light to dark), blouses/shirts (short sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, long sleeve - light to dark), jackets/sweaters (light to dark) and finally dresses (light to dark).
    No matter how organized I try to keep my husband's side of the closet, he messes it up by moving the clothes all around every day. But, his hangers match because he has no choice ALL the hangers in our house are the same. I finally gave up on his side and now I just happily focus on keeping my side "perfect".
    Our drawers also mimic our closet ... his are a mess, mine are "perfect".
    I learned many, many years ago that if I were going to have a peaceful marriage, I'd just have to learn how to let some things go ... Mr.B's side of the closet and his drawers are a prime example.

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