Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Making a Simple (Effective) Chore Chart

 I have tried many different chore chart systems. I have spent lots of time making chore charts and they worked...for a while. How I made them usually made it difficult to change chores (when changes were needed). So now, I have come up with a, I hope, full-proof chore chart system. It was super simple to make too!

 I do not have a laminator (although it is on my wish list)...so I purchased THESE to put paper charts in. If you have a laminator, you could use that too!

Then I wrote down chores with boxes (with some chores being on a rotation and some being daily). You could do this with your computer...but my printer is out of ink at the moment...so I whipped these up! I could have done them neater and much more carefully...but I wanted to get them done for now and can always whip another one up for each of them when I have more time!

I *love* to make lists and to check things off as I accomplish them. It appears my children love it too because once their schoolwork was done for the day...they each (cheerfully) went about their chores. Jaxson even did some extras just so he could check off more boxes!

Xavier asked me: "Mom, since today is my day to vacuum anyway (downstairs), can I vacuum upstairs too?"  After picking my jaw up off the ground, I told him that would be great and he *thanked* me! It was seriously a glorious day of chores. The house was tidied and the children helped right along side me (with not one complaint). Now, I do not expect to meet this level of cheerful choring every day...but it did give me a glimmer of hope!

This is the order of the day in our household: First, all of our schooling gets done (we are a homeschooling family). Next, all daily chores must be finished. No television, computer, reading, or playing privileges will happen until all boxes for that day are checked off (with a dry erase marker). All chores must be done correctly because mama (that's me!) can check on any "finished" chore, to make sure it was done to my satisfaction, at any time. If I do check and something was not done how it was suppose to be (within reason...I don't expect perfection...but you can tell when something is done lazily) then that person will be grounded from all technology or other "fun" things for the rest of that day.

Another great thing about this system is that if I need to tweak anything, I can simply remove the sheet of paper and change/make a new one. :) I hang these charts on a nail directly under the family calendar in the kitchen. They are easily accessible and not in the way!

The children really seemed to feel accomplished as they checked things off their list. I hope they continue with this enthusiasm!

I hope you have found this post helpful!

The link to the plastic holders *is* an amazon affiliate link! If you make a purchase through my link, it helps me! Thanks so much!

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