Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Product Spotlight ~ Kiddy Qualia

If you love staying organized using planners, you will want to check out Kiddy Qualia on etsy! She has some super cute rainbow colored pages! I ordered some things from her for my Filofax Domino (personal size) and just loved how she had it packaged up and sent to me. She even included some fun little stickers and things!

I just love things in rainbow....aren't they so pretty? She has lined rainbow paper as well as graph, calendar and plain paper too!

Etsy has a lot of *great* planner items. If you do a search on there, you will come up with a ton of great accessories and organizational tools for your planner! Another place I have ordered from is KieleyCameron Designs. She has dividers and really cute planner charms (I have the bubblegum machine charm...I don't think she has any of those left though). Do you have some favorite planner-oriented Etsy sites? Please do share them! I also love to support small businesses, don't you?

This is *not* a sponsored or affiliate post.
 All opinions are my own.
 I genuinely just wanted to share this great shop with you all!
 Have a great rest of the week! 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Kitchen Tweaks

Sometimes, taking the time to do a few minor things can make a *big* difference in your kitchen. I had neglected my oven for a long time. I didn't do so intentionally...rather, I just didn't completely notice it as I was focused on getting foods in and out of the oven without really focusing on the oven itself. 

Once I took a good look at it, I was disgusted with how bad it had gotten. 

So, I mixed up a little paste of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda (with a bit of elbow grease)....and this is how lovely it turned out...

 I also cleaned out our little tupperware/storage cupboard. It's not overly exciting...but it is so nice to have purged some unused containers and gotten things squared away in there...

It's really amazing how good you can feel about your kitchen (or any area in your home) when you just make a few small changes for the better. Sometimes we can get it in our mind that we have to make huge changes to our home for us to "like it better". This is simply not true. All the little things start adding up and soon, you will find yourself enjoying your home more and more!