Organized Homemaking is Beautiful!

I am a housewife and mama. I am passionate about my role as a homemaker and caring for my family. I love routines, organization, and keeping things tidy. I know that often, so many people believe you must have an abundance of money to stay organized...I am here to prove to you that it is a myth! You can use beautiful things in your home to keep yourself (and your family) organized. You don't have to feel overwhelmed and at the end of your rope!

You *can* be the homemaker that you truly want to be. 
It is my goal with this site to teach you how!

You can also find me at my personal blog:
The Country Blossom

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  1. Katy I am so glad you are doing this blog. I have followed your other blog for so long and enjoy seeing all your cozy pictures and you are an inspiration to me on many levels. I enjoy reading all you do and all about your love for our Lord! Thank you!