Wisdom for Your Day

Every morning ~ Make your bed!

Starting the day by making your bed just puts you a step in the right direction. The better you feel about things when the day starts, the more likely you are to continue that productive behavior!

If something needs done - Do it!

When you walk by something that you see needs done ~ just do it! You see that paper on the floor that needs thrown away? Grab it on your way by and put it in the garbage! That glass in the living room needs put in the sink? Don't grumble that someone left it there...just take it out to the kitchen! Yes, we need to hold our children accountable about keeping up with their chores and what they neglect to do around the house. But sometimes...it's showing kindness (to them & yourself) to just do what needs done. Plus...you will feel so much better not seeing it sit there!

It's a new day ~ Start fresh!

Let the frustrations of yesterday be gone. Learn from them and move on. 

Start Today!

Don't wait until the new year, or next month or even until Monday....get started today! Start to purge/organize an area of your home right now. The longer you wait to get started, the easier it is to push it off. 

Embrace Your Role

Being a homemaker is not a curse...rather it is a joy! Yes, we carry heavy responsibility and are in charge of keeping our homes running smoothly, but this is such an honor. If you fail at some areas (as we all do) see those as a challenge and work harder on them. And when in doubt...seek advice from others! 


  1. I always ALWAYS make the bed first thing! Keeps the spiders out (at least in my mind). I need to be more diligent about picking things up instead of walking past them and getting them later. Story.of.my.life. Ha!

  2. Just Katy!!!!!!!!!!!! You're a wonderful woman give me a lot of inspiration. THANK YOU THANK YOU

  3. Very great post! Now, if I can just make myself do it LOL!! I really enjoy your blogs.