Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Back to (Home) School

I was so excited while at the thrift store one day, to find the fantastic binders from Staples there! They are my favorites but are much too expensive to ever buy them. I got each of these for under $1 (and they each had extra paper, dividers, page protectors and such in them)! What a steal! Obviously, they aren't brand new, but they will work terrifically for us!

Also, Staples has their *Back to School* savings (at their stores and online). I picked up some supplies for our homeschooling for some really great, inexpensive prices! I have to admit...I am an office/school supply junkie!!!

I love to have a bin for things....everything in its place...

Homeschooling does *not* have to be expensive. Keep your eyes peeled for sales, clearances and at the thrift stores and you can come home with quite a lot (without spending a lot)!

For our curriculum, we will be using Easy Peasy for most of our subjects. It is a free online homeschooling course for all ages. We are using Christian Light Education for our math, though, because we have been using it for years and I really like how it teaches things, reviews and builds on each other.

How are you saving money this year on back to (home) school needs?


  1. I purchased all of the school supplies at WalMart today. I took in the office store ads and price matched so I wouldn't have to make multiple stops. I made sure to buy extras of items we use often (glue sticks & pencils) so I could stock up for the year at rock bottom prices.

    Great find on the binders! I have my eye out for one or two at the moment.

  2. Thanks for the reminder, I need to get a few things for our homeschool too, but thankfully not too much. I love shopping for school supplies!

    We used Easy Peasy last year and we'll be using it again this year.


  3. You know I don't have school-age children but I still love it when all the school supplies come out. Today I saw a ring of index cards with a plastic owl front and back. Soooo cute and it was hard to leave it there! I love all the "free" items at CVS, etc, though and usually pick them up to give away. ~Pamela

  4. The binders are nice, my daughter uses them for her college prep courses, I use my staples rewards to purchase them - they are expensive but last a lot longer that the cheaper ones. It is hard to believe that school is just around the corner!


  5. Have you been happy with EasyPeasy?? I've wanted to try it but have been hesitant to get away from traditional school books. Do you print out a lot of things? Or is that option available to have for records? Thanks!

    1. Yes, we like Easy Peasy! :) We don't print everything out...just some things. Other things you can just do on normal paper or you can make up your own craft/paper to write for that lesson. It just gives us something to guide us through the year in a methodological way! :)

  6. We use a myriad of things for our curriculum. I found some great curriculum at our library book sale this year! It was $5.00/bag, and they were selling all of their homeschool section because it wasn't being utilized! I like Easy Peasy and we use that, too.
    Where I live, we have to show a portfolio. Do you just print out a few pages from the Easy Peasy for your portfolio? This is my first year having to put together a portfolio.
    Blessings, Jamie

    1. Hi Jamie! :)

      I print some pages off, but that can be mighty expensive...so the children will write on regular paper answers to questions, draw pictures/do crafts associated with whatever we are learning with Easy Peasy and then I will add those samples to my portfolio! :) You only need a few samples for each subject!

      Katy :)