Thursday, October 31, 2013

Staying Organized with a Planner

I have always kept a least since high school. I always had to have things written down so I didn't forget to do it. I must be a visual learner! ;)

When you are the manager of your household (as I am) or maybe a business...sometimes one planner just isn't enough!

I have my *main* planner (which can be purchased HERE). I like the room it gives to write and there are lots of boxes to record other things on the opposite page. This planner keeps track of chores I want to accomplish each day, reminders of things to do in the week, appointments, errands to run, supper plans etc. This planner is large so it mostly stays at home...

In my personal sized filofax, I keep track of bill paying and my monthly schedule. This little baby travels with me to appointments, errands and anywhere I take my pocketbook. This way I can keep track of appointments without lugging my bigger planner around with me. (Yes, this means I have to double-write down appointments and things...but I don't mind.)...

As I had written in THIS post, I keep track of my bill paying by writing when bills are due in my planner (along with their amount). Days outlined in blue are things that are taken out of our account via direct deposit. Days highlighted in yellow are paydays. Here is November dates...but I don't have all of our bills written in yet (although it would be quite lovely if we only had this many, wouldn't it?)...

Here is our schedule in a *nutshell* for October. Notice it's just vague with times...just so when I need to make appointments at the dr or for something else, I have an idea of when we are free...

The top planner holds my checkbook, insurance cards, debit card etc (the bottom one does not have a function yet...but should soon!)...

Are you a planner? Or are you more like a free spirit? I am most definitely a *planner*...however, I am learning, by the grace of God, to ease up a bit. Being rigid is *not* an endearing quality. Being punctual, reliable and organized *are* good I am trying to hold onto those while attempting to not be rigid.

If you are a planner, I would LOVE to hear how you plan! If you blog about it...share the link!


  1. You know I'm NOT a planner! Haha! I like the idea of a planner... but don't really have much to "plan" at this point. Maybe some day! We just tack a calendar up on our fridge and write everything on it!

  2. Your top one were did you find one like that. I have been on a look out. I just ordered one like your big one that stays home it will help with our schooling also. I like filofax but not sure I want the expense of it.

    1. The top, smaller one you can find here:

  3. Noticed your church is 3 hours! Wow, we are in and out in under 90 minutes - and that includes coffee and donuts are the service.


  4. I love your system! Mine is sort of similar, I too am a planner. The differences are: my "monthly" (appointments) take-along planner is just my iPhone (and I use my iPad for entering info, it is easier); and, I made myself a spreadsheet with a full daily/weekly list on the left, and all the weekdays plus Saturday across the top. And check off the chart. Then I also have a planner that I keep track of my day, keep track of the bills I paid, etc.