Monday, February 17, 2014

The Joy of an Ugly Kitchen

Some of us have our dream kitchen...nice floors, beautiful cupboards, tons of storage and lots of counter space. Then there is everyone else. I am part of the "everyone else". When we moved in this house over a decade ago, it needed a lot of work. However, the price was right and we were thankful for a home of our own. I was pregnant with my daughter at the time and we were ready to settle in our home and grow our family. 

 In the middle of having and raising (and now homeschooling) three children and among our other responsibilities...we have worked at improving the house little by little (peeling wallpaper here, painting there...adding an addition etc.). We still have such a long way to go (and I admit, it can be quite overwhelming at times) but then I remember how thankful I should be and realize, despite all its imperfections...our house is *home*.

Our kitchen is one area we have *not* had the chance to improve. The floors need help and I truly want to gut the whole place and redo it....but it works for now. I'm not fond of the white and red laminate. Red and white *can* be cute...but I am not fond of how ours is set up. We did put this chicken wire on this cupboard in place of the glass that used to be there....

I also add decor that we *do* like to make it cozy and homey. I did a little wallpapering on the one wall...but that was all. The walls are old and are made of plaster. Getting the old wallpaper off was tedious (and not all of it is done in our laundry room). Where I have gotten the paper off, I want to paint but how do you find the right color when it has to match the red and white but I don't *want* to ultimately have the red and white in instead of spending the money on paint that won't be what I *want*...I *try* to patiently wait till one day we can afford to redo the kitchen totally. 

So...I said all of that to say this...even though our kitchens may not be exactly what we *want* can still be a place where you can find joy to cook and bake. I find keeping a tidy kitchen is the most important thing you can do to enjoy your time there! This includes in cupboards and drawers as well...

I keep my kitchen clean...but it isn't perfect. Our home is lived in and *used*. I hope if you have a kitchen (or even another room in your home) that you aren't particularly fond of, that you can find encouragement in this post. Even the most simple, unattractive kitchen can be a great place to be when it is kept neat and tidy...and when used as a beautiful hub for the family! Laughter, tears, questions, answers, teaching, much happens in a family kitchen. Let it be a place of warmth and love and maybe one day, we'll all get the kitchen we each dream of (and if not...isn't it great to know we made the most and best of what we had?!).

What do you love and dislike about *your* kitchen? How can you improve your area to make it a more enjoyable place to be?


  1. Oh my gosh! My kitchen is yellow and that is the ONE color I can't stand. We are in the process of purchasing the house from my dad and don't want to do much with it til it is actually ours but I am painting. I have the past ready just need to find the time!

  2. My kitchen is in the process of being updated now!! I posted about it last month. The cupboards were metal and very worn. But it's home and I love it! Stop by and see the before pics! Eek!:) my phone won't let me post the link here, but it's under January, Farmhouse Kitchen Re-do is the title.:)
    Your kitchen looks cozy!:) and I love the chicken wire door!

  3. Isn't it nice to know that we aren't alone in our kitchen woes? Sometimes it is easy to think everyone has the nice, beautiful kitchen that they want....except us. But the truth is, most of us are doing what we can with what we have. :) Farmlife Chick ~ I will have to check that out! :)

  4. I love seeing pictures of your kitchen, I like the country appeal of it.

  5. Katy, I completely understand. I don't have my dream kitchen, but I've done what I can to make it nice. You may remember that I painted my countertops 2 years ago. That made a big difference in the way I feel about my kitchen!

  6. Katy, I love your kitchen! It's so cozy looking! I love country, too and decorate that way in our home. I find I have a hard time keeping our counters clean; what with homeschooling and cooking from scratch, I find that I'm always doing dishes. It's hard to keep on top of. But when my kitchen is nice and clean, I just love it! Blessings, Jamie

  7. I do not like my kitchen. It is too small and not enough storage space and plus it stays a mess. i just can't stay on top of things. My health is in really bad shape and I can only be up standing and doing things for a limited amount of time. It used to be just my husband and I, but now there are 5 of us here and I just can't keep up. I get very discouraged a lot and just about to give it all up. Sorry, I don't mean to sound so pessimistic. I just wish I had things together like all of you and could do the things that you do.
    Katy, your kitchen looks lovely. I always thought it did and I admire you for everything that you do with taking care of your family. I wish i could do the same. God Bless You and Yours!