Sunday, February 16, 2014

Keeping Organized

Once you have systems in place for keeping yourself organized you must follow them! Having and using different products can make it fun and easy!

Previously, I was using the uncalendar system to do my planning. While I liked it, I had the large one and really wanted something that I could take with me. I purchased a spiral bound planner (day per favorite way to plan).

I found the cover for my spiral bound planner HERE. I also have planners that have the loose-leaf papers in the binders. I love those...but I like to save my planners each year (I have a whole pile from years back) and I find the spiral bound ones to be compact and a lot nicer to save. I love planners/organizers/binders so I honestly use whatever I am in the mood for from year to year! 

Another product I find to be really useful and helpful in my homemaking is this Do.Delegate binder from Buttoned Up. You can find them HERE (They also have a ton of other great products there at fantastic prices!). 

On the inside I have begun listing some project goals/to-dos...

In the next section, it has perforated pages where you can ask for help with certain projects from your family and have it all written out so it is done correctly...

They even have carbon copies so you can remember who you delegated what task to!

And then there is my filofax (personal size) where I keep all my bill paying info. I am the one who takes care of that in my family and I like to have a system to make sure everything gets paid in a timely manner.

And, although this isn't *all* of the fun things I have to make planning fun, it is *some* of it....

Sticky notes, labels, decorative tapes and more....

Having the right tools to fit your organizing needs is very important...*but* it can come slowly. Don't spend money you don't really have to gather everything you want all at once. Getting well-organized with a system that works for you takes's a continual process. I am always tweaking my systems...often you will see that in my posts! :)

How do you keep yourself organized?

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  1. Hi Katy! I am really enjoying your blog! I stay organized (though it' a continual work in progress for me!) by using binders and making lists. I also gave my children a chore list for each day so they know what chores need to be done. It really helps to keep thing running smoothly and gives them a sense of accomplishment. Blessings, Jamie

  2. Hi Jamie! :) Thank you for sharing how you stay organized!!!