Monday, February 24, 2014

A Cheerful Little Bathroom

 I was so excited to find this little cupboard while out today (I got it for a GREAT price!). The colors are cute but don't exactly "go" with my bathroom (although my bathroom is quite colorful)...maybe I'll paint it one day...

Here are a few other looks at my cheerful little bathroom (decorated in a Mary Engelbreit theme)...

I would love to redo my bathroom one the theme of it really doesn't match the rest of my house...however, it is fine for now (and so much better than it was when we first moved in). When we redid it, I was going through a Mary Engelbreit "love" phase! I loved all her stuff! I still like it...the cheerfulness of her paintings and pictures is so alluring...however, I don't think I would choose to decorate with this pattern if I could do it over. :)

What does your bathroom look like? What are some changes you would like to make (if any)?


  1. Your cupboard is lovely, i know the feeling you get when you find a piece you like at a great price. I found a 1950's kitchen cupboard last week for 10 pounds! I just love it. My bathrooms. we have two, need a good spring clean, i am waiting for some mrs meyers products to arrive any day, i have never tried these products as they are not sold in our supermarkets. I bought them from amazon, i ordered the dish soap in basil, the multi-cleaner and powdered cleaner both in geranium. What do you think to mrs meyers products? Best wishes :)

    1. Oh I LOVE Mrs Meyer's products! I highly recommend them! I am using her lavender dish soap right now! I was actually planning to do a post on here about them as well! I did a post on my Country Blossom blog too before. You can find it here:

  2. What a sweet little table! I am happy for you! We moved into this house in 1994. The bathroom is the same, except for these changes... we removed the shower door and replaced it with a shower curtain. I hated trying to keep those shower door tracks clean. The shelves above the toilet were nasty plastic and yellowed, so I built a simple set of shelves out of boards, painted them and my husband anchored them to the wall. I made little curtains to cover all but the bottom shelf and made a valance for the window to match. Simple, humble, but I am happy with it!