Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Country Cupboard Organization

 My parents got us this fantastic cupboard for Christmas a few years back. I just love it. It fits perfectly in my dining room and has some storage. I keep blue mason  jars along the inner top (and I *love* mason jars!)....

The cupboard has been a holder for some of the children's dishes (glasses and small plates) so they have easy access to them, my candles, cloth napkins and the like. Needless to say, it has gotten out of hand over time (as much as I would like to say the blame lays on the children for putting dishes away messily, the truth is that I have not kept my candles in there neatly at all!)...

I decided to jump in there and get the shelves organized. I have tea pots and the children's glasses and cups on the top shelf. Underneath it are a few more dishes that belong to the children and my spring/summer scented candles...

The bottom two rows hold my warmer scented candles for fall and winter as well as my taper candles. I have decided to move our extra cloth napkins somewhere else (yet to be determined).

It's easy to ignore places that need organized that are behind closed doors. Out of sight ~ out of mind, right? It only takes a short time to clean out and organize most small spaces such as this one. It seems silly to avoid it.

 I challenge you today to find a small cupboard/space in your home that needs organized and buckle down and take the time to tidy it! It's a small chore that gives you a great feeling of accomplishment when you finish. We'd love to see before/after pictures! Feel free to share them on our facebook page HERE.

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  1. Hi Katie,

    Not only do you keep a nicely organized home, but you have a knack for making your organization skills look more like décor than organization. I hope some of your creative ideas rub off on me someday.