Saturday, October 26, 2013

Storing Medicine

I have found the best way to store medicine is to keep them in labeled bins. I really love this type of container...

They have a clasp that goes over the lid which secures it (I dislike having lids fall off easily). The green clasps go right up over the top and fit snugly against the lid. These containers can be found at dollar stores and probably any homekeeping/organizing section of a store!

I find labeling to be essential to keep things in their proper place. I love using my brother P-touch labeler...

Make sure you go through your medicines periodically. You want to make sure you get rid of anything expired or not being used anymore.

Keep your labeled bins somewhere easily accessible to you (but not to little ones). We keep ours on top of our fridge. That way we always know right where they are. I would love to have a cupboard to keep them in...but our home does not have enough storage space to accommodate that.

So here they are...kept neatly tucked away until needed...

Happy Organizing!


  1. ooh.. good idea.. we need to do this! we have meds in all diff places!

  2. I use plastic containers for bandages and such but never thought to use them for meds also. Where do you store you medicine, kitchen or bathroom? We have ours in a linen closet in the bathroom.