Sunday, October 6, 2013

Chalkboard Labels

 I love to label things. I have a label machine that I haven't truly studied to find out all its wonderful functions yet because I began using it immediately when I got it!

Some of my favorite labels are chalkboard labels. They are more decorative and *pretty* than the normal computer-printed labels. I love using them in the kitchen...

You can purchase these labels on amazon or etsy. They come in all kinds of fabulous designs, sizes and shapes! 

Rather than using actual chalk to write on them, though, I prefer to use a liquid chalk marker. It makes the words stand out more and just look neat and crisp. (It washes off with water and can be reapplied too!)...

I love the look of chalkboard so much that I encouraged my inlove's to use it as their menu board in their meat market. My mom is doing the lettering....doesn't it look fantastic?

Labeling helps you keep things in their proper places. Just remember you don't have to stick with any sort of boring labels...experiment with labels that are fun, pretty, and suit your style. My home is not set up to look nice with plain labels. The chalkboard labels fit much better into my decor! :)


  1. That menu board looks awesome! As do your labels! But where do you find liquid chalk marker?!?

  2. Hello!!! Thanks so much for your kind words! You can find liquid chalk markers on Amazon or at Michaels!

  3. Thank you for the sharing the source of the chalkboard labels and chalk marker ... I saw this type of labeling quite a while back and have been looking for it!
    I store my dry goods in clear jars (mostly old glass gallon sized pickle jars) & these labels will look terrific in my kitchen.

    Thanks again,