Sunday, October 20, 2013

Kitchen Organization: Erasable Food Labels

These labels are genius! I love them and use them often. Often, leftovers can go bad in your refrigerator when you forget how long they have actually been in there. Now, you can make sure you never waste those leftovers again!

Erasable food labels (found HERE) can be placed on your containers and used over and over again! The special marker goes on easily...labeling the contents of your container and the date they were prepared. When that gets used and it's time to use this container again, simply use the eraser they supply and then use the marker to write the newest contents!

I love these and use them all the time! I am not an affiliate with this company nor am I making any money by sharing this with you...I just find them wonderfully helpful in the kitchen and wanted to tell you about them! They can help you save food and money!


  1. Do these labels always stay on your dishes or are they removable?

    1. They stay on. You can get them off if you wanted to, but ultimately they just stay on and are reusable! :)