Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Organizing with your Kitchen Island

 Kitchen islands come in all shapes, sizes and designs (like THESE ones on pinterest). If money allowed, I think I would love one like THIS or THIS. However, having enough money to truly get exactly what we *want* is often not possible. This makes it important to find something within your budget and kitchen style. Often, you can repurpose something you already have!

I found this lovely little gem a couple years back. It has been such a blessing...adding storage and extra counter space for us....

The best island you can have is one that has space to store things. If it doesn't...it really is just taking up space. 

This island of mine has these neat wooden boards that slide out too (although we don't use them...it's neat that they are there in case we ever do need them for something!)...

Over time, we have used the drawers for different things. I had utensils in there at one point...but ended up moving them to a different drawer in the kitchen. Now they hold larger cooking utensils/supplies such as the veggie peeler, measuring spoons, spatulas and the like. The bottom doors open up and hold bowls, casserole dishes, glassware and more...

*Speaking of silverware: I use plastic organizing baskets for our silverware. We have two different silverware sets and a regular silverware holder/organizer just didn't hold them all and it bothered me. Now, each basket holds all it needs to...

I have also, now, utilized the outside of this island by hanging up my much-loved and oft-used cast iron skillets! (And although I don't have pictures to show it, I have a cast iron skillet hanging on each end of the island as well!)...

Making use of a good kitchen island is vital for an organized kitchen. I realize some kitchens are very small and don't have room for an island...that is when you have to be very strict about the items you allow to fill up your cupboards.

Get creative and don't let "keeping up with the Jones'" make you feel as though only an expensive, high-end kitchen island will work. Your kitchen can be organized, well-functioning and beautiful with some great old/vintage/antique items found for a fraction of the price!


  1. If you ever get your dream island... you can pass your current one off to me.. he he!

  2. I finally have a kitchen large enough to accommodate an island and with some patience and creativity, now have a beautiful island. (I made a post about it my blog here: http://www.patentingmyre-invention.blogspot.com/2013/02/what-do-bowling-and-cooking-have-in.html) I don't know what I did without it. For several years now I've kept my spices in a drawer and the drawer in my island is the best location yet. It's dark, away from any heat source, and very handy when I need them. I lay them down so that I can see the labels at a glance and never have to fumble and knock them over, etc. Love the idea of hanging your cast iron on the sides!

  3. GREAT tips, Katy. I know a lady who converted and painted an old dresser into a kitchen island. By removing the lower drawers she acquired much needed shelving & and the two smaller top drawers provided her with additional storage for pot holders, dish towels & cloths, etc. The dresser is not as wide as most kitchen islands but that works in her favor since she has a longer more narrow kitchen. By the way, this lady also converted a shallow wardrobe into a much needed kitchen pantry. Her kitchen is so welcoming and unique - I love her creativity.