Thursday, September 19, 2013

Homemaking: Canning

Canning used to be a most necessary way of preserving foods in most homes in years past. Sadly, it has almost become a lost art. The introduction of grocery stores with their own version of "canned" vegetables has taken over. Harvesting your own foods (or even purchasing them from a local farmer's market) and canning them at home is one of the healthiest ways to keep food for your family.

An important part of canning is keeping your jars organized with the dates written on top of the lids. You want to use the oldest jars first...and work your way to the most recently canned ones. This ensures you will not waste any of your bounty and hard work! Plus, you must admit...seeing those jars lined up perfectly with each other is a beautiful, organized site to behold!

If you don't can but would like to start (but don't know the first thing about canning and don't have someone to assist you) I highly recommend the Canning DVD from Homestead Blessings. You can see a clip from it HERE. It may take a few years....but soon, you will be canning with ease! It can be a bit time consuming but the end product is so worth it! 

I must admit...I am also a huge fan of mason jars. They have so many uses...they are perfect for storing dry food, using as decorations and vases, turning into soap dispensers and much, much more! Maybe that will be a fun future post!

Canning season is drawing to a close this year...but it is the perfect time to read up on/ learn about it so you can be prepared for next year! Canning, in my opinion, is an essential skill all homemakers should practice. Even if you aren't able to actually do least knowing *how* is a skill to be treasured and passed down to future homemakers!


  1. My mom taught me to can...I remember helping her even as a small child. I was always fascinated by it. Today I will be making and canning applesauce from our own apple trees!

  2. Hello, I also love to can... But I mostly do it anymore to help and teach the other women. I always do have a full shelf in a closet that is filled with my goods.
    One idea I like to tell the ladies is always put the canned goods in a dark and cool place. As they last much longer. But I do like to keep a few out to display my fruits of my labor!
    Blessings, Roxy

  3. Eleven years ago Mr. B and I decided that I should be home full-time. Every since then, I've gardened and canned God's blessings. Canning was a skill I learned as a young girl growing up with my Aunt and Uncle. Although I did not use that skill for nearly two decades while working outside our home, it is one I never forgot and resumed our first harvest. I am now teaching my own daughter the skill of canning - even though she thinks our modern world makes it a useless skill. Once grown she may never can her own produce or meats, but she will certainly know how.