Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bible/Book Covers

 My Bible is extremely well-used and well-loved. It's amount of use has led to it starting to fall apart...slowly but surely (even though I do have a hardback  ESV Study Bible.) I previously had my Bible in a large, pretty bible case. It *was* truly pretty and all...but what I really wanted was a simple cover. I didn't want a zipper or anything fancy...just something to protect the cover and keep it all *contained*.

I perused the shops on Etsy and found one that seemed to have just what I was looking for! KIVVERS by Daisy Jane has a cute assortment of different covers custom fit for your book! I picked a faux leather cover and gave her the measurements of my Bible. Soon, in the mail, I received a cover that slid like a glove right onto my bible. It fit perfectly.

Now, if you can find something to protect the delicate pages of my Bible, I would be much obliged! Not sure that they make anything like that though! ;)

I have had to reinforce all the tabs with matte scotch tape because they were getting so damaged as well. If you don't have tabs in your Bible but *want* can find them here: Majestic Bible Tabs

If you are looking for a simple book cover, I recommend the shop I linked to above. But if that doesn't interest you, please go check out other shops on etsy. Shopping small/handmade is definitely the way to go! :)

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  1. Thanks so much for this resource. I would love to have a cover for a few of my Bibles!