Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Using Baskets

I use baskets all throughout my home. One place that they really come in handy is in the bathroom! In my opinion, baskets look much nicer and cozier than plastic bins. (I also love mason jars to decorate and keep things in!).

I use baskets to coral hand towels, wash cloths, soap, make up, hair products and more (and that's just in the bathroom)!

I don't know about you, but anytime I find a good basket at a great price...I buy it! There are *so* many uses for well-made, great-sized baskets that I just can't resist...although again I say: only if they are a *great price*! ;)

You don't have to have a lot of money to organize and stay tidy. You don't have to have the perfect home and use only expensive things to decorate/organize! Anyone *of any income* can choose to be tidy! You just have to work on it and keep up with it.

When folding, do it neatly (it will give you such a sense of satisfaction when you do!). When you get something out, be sure to put it away. Keep the floors swept and things dusted from time to time. Organize things with other *like* objects....this is where the baskets come in handy!

You can find baskets at your local thrift store or craft store (I found the ones pictured in the top photo at JoAnn Fabrics at 50% off!). If you can't afford to buy any right now, use what you have at home.

Homemaking can be so much fun when you see it as a challenge to keep your home neat, functional, cozy and enjoyable! I love trying to figure out better ways to organize areas. When things are tidy, it is so much easier to clean them too. :)

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  1. I agree about baskets. As I was reading this I counted six just in the living room! I recently added a new basket under the end table by Chuck's chair. It holds a few magazines and his Bible. Looks much neater then the small stack that use to be under the table.