Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Homemaking: Window Stars

A fun project to do with children (older children are the folding should be careful and neatly done) is making window stars! They add a bit of color/fun to your windows!

You can make simple designs to very intricate ones! You can find some fun tutorials on them HERE. When I first saw window stars I thought they were made from tissue paper. I tried it and it ripped constantly and did *not* work well for me at all. I found out that what I actually needed was kite paper! :)

You can find kite paper HERE. In addition to that, you will want to have a pair of scissors, glue stick and some willing hands to fold them! It's a nice project that isn't difficult and is fun to do either by yourself or in groups!

Look at how much that dresses my windows! It looks especially nice in the winter when the outside is covered in snow and drab colors. :)

After some time (a year or so) the colors will fade from the sun...when that happens, I take them down and make new ones! :)

Give it a try! You will be so glad you did! Happy folding! :)

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