Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Organizing Legos

My daughter and I (mostly her though) went through and sorted all the Legos. I bought inexpensive shoe bins at the dollar store and labeled them with my label maker. 

 We are hoping that will take boxes that look like this...

...and turn them into this (thus making it easier to find the pieces they want)...

In the box marked "extra" we put min-figs, swords, horses, bow/arrows and other miscellaneous items that go along with the Legos!

 With grade-school boys, I'm not sure how this will work for us...but it is worth giving it a try! They both seem to like this new system (but we'll see if it lasts as time wears on). Personally, I love seeing the colors separated and *in their place*...but if it doesn't work out over time, we can find good uses for the plastic shoe boxes and the Legos can all go back into one bin! :)

Do your children play with Legos? I think they are such a *great* learning/playing toy. Imaginations soar, minds work to think and build...Legos are truly one of the best investments (toy-wise) in my opinion. How do you store/organize your Legos? 


  1. we don't have enough legos for this yet... but when we do, i fully intend on organizing this way!

  2. Now I just need you to come over to my house :D

  3. In the past we've tried sorting by color in bins, but it didn't work out. My son is willing to try it again since he is more responsible about keeping his room clean now that he's a bit older. He will be 14 soon and still LOVES Legos! In fact, he just bought a new set today with his own money. ~Jessica